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Volunteer Positions

Bathroom Attendant Team:
Bathroom attendants will partner with Certified Nursing Assistants to monitor the bathrooms. Volunteers will assist with washing and drying hands, making sure clothing is straightened, etc. They will not assist with toileting.

Caregiver Event Team: 
This event is specifically for the parents/caregivers of our guests. It takes place in the Fellowship Hall during the prom. Volunteers are needed to assist with greeting, serving, praying for and loving on each person who attends. You will be contacted by a team leader regarding placement.

Coat Check Team:
As guests and parents arrive, volunteers will greet them and offer to take their coat. Volunteers will work at a station with coat racks in the grand foyer using a number and color coded system to store all coats and return them to the guests at the end of the night.

Decorating Team:
Volunteers will make decor items to go on tables, etc. Arts and crafts, hot glue gun, possibly painting will be included. Volunteer will need to be available during the week of Feb. 6-10 (Monday-Friday) leading up to the event. (The team leader will contact you about availability.) This team will not present during the actual event.

Food Service Team:
Volunteers will partner with Chick-fil-A team members to assist our guests with their meal. Some will serve food or help guests to carry their plates to a seat. Others will clear the tables for the next guests. Volunteers must be willing to work hard and move quickly; running from one area to another as needed and to be on their feet for several hours.

Games/Activities Team:
Volunteers will interact with our guests by playing games, coloring, etc. Need to be able to stand for long periods of time, be patient and sensitive to the needs/challenges of our guests.

Greeter Team:
Greeters will show kindness & love to all our guests as they enter all areas of our buildings. Also, provide safety in hallway and door areas as our guests enter and leave.

Hairstyle Team:
Experience needed: Members of the hairstyle team will be doing touch ups and simple prom styles. Styling volunteers need to have experience with straightening/curling hair.

Karaoke Team:
Volunteers will interact with our guests during their performance or assist with calming them. Need to be able to stand for long periods of time, be patient and sensitive to the needs/challenges of our guests. Be ready to “cheer them on” and have a good time!

Make-up Team:
Volunteers need to have professional experience with color cosmetics. Volunteers will be standing the majority of the evening and serving guests with makeovers including eye, lip and cheek application. Color will be provided.

Red Carpet Team:
Volunteers will celebrate our guests and their families as they enter/exit the red carpet area as well as at the limousine ride areas. They will also celebrate as the caregivers enter their event.

Set Up Team:
Volunteers will be setting up wooden chairs, placing linens, table centerpieces and all decor items for the event. Some heavy lifting may be required. Volunteers must be available from 8am-4pm on Friday, Feb. 10.

Shoe Shine Team:
Shining will take place most of the evening. Volunteers need to be able to kneel to shine shoes. Training will be provided on site.

Tear Down Team:
Volunteers will take down tables/chairs and other items as needed to prepare the church for Sunday. Some heavy lifting may be required. Volunteer must be available from 8pm-midnight on Friday, Feb. 10.

Valet Parking Team:
Valet parkers have the privilege of being the “first touch” as they greet our guests at the red carpet and serve the drivers by parking their cars at the beginning and returning them at end of the event.